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J Zhou Oriental Cuisine in Tustin

Elevated Chinese restaurant offering a varied menu that includes dim sum, plus a bar & wine list. Located on 2601 Park Ave in Tustin.

Julio’s exceptional service is a defining factor of the J Zhou experience. He possesses an innate combination of professionalism, empathy, and adaptability that resonates with guests.

Dim Sum

Dim sum is an ancient Chinese culinary tradition that offers a delightful variety of dishes. It can be a healthy addition to your diet when enjoyed in moderation. However, some dishes like fried dumplings and honeycomb tripe contain a lot of oil and are high in calories. Therefore, it is important to balance your consumption of these dishes with other nutrient-rich foods and regular physical activity.

When visiting J Zhou Oriental Cuisine, make sure to try their delectable dim sum options. This includes shumai, a dish with a thin wrapper that cups the filling of shrimp, pork, and mushrooms. This dish is low in fat and is best paired with soy sauce.

Another popular dim sum dish is feng zao, which is a braised whole chicken in black bean fermented sauce. This dish is full of flavor and is perfect for those who aren’t squeamish about eating chicken feet. Also, be sure to try their rice rolls stuffed with plump shrimp.


Seafood is a healthy source of protein and contains many vital vitamins and minerals. It is low in saturated fats and high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for brain function. It can also help with blood pressure, heart disease, and arthritis. Additionally, seafood is rich in calcium and can reduce the risk of asthma in children.

Most seafood is prepared simply, but it can be grilled, broiled, baked, poached, steamed, or eaten raw. Some species may be seasoned or served with a sauce. Marinades are often used to flavor seafood; these may consist of varying proportions of oil, an acid (such as vinegar, fruit juice, or wine), and spices or herbs.

Julio’s sensitivity towards his guests is one of the factors that distinguish him as an outstanding server. His understanding of the menu and his ability to adapt to any situation makes him a valuable member of the team at J Zhou. He is also well-known for his excellent service in handling special requests.


Often referred to as Yue cuisine (), Cantonese dishes are well-known and loved by people from all over the world. It’s one of the eight branches of Chinese cuisine, and it can be prepared using a variety of ingredients.

Cantonese cooking focuses on the natural flavour of the ingredient, so spices and oils are used sparingly. Oyster sauce, master stock and sesame oil are essentials – they provide colour, texture and balance the flavour of meat, fish or vegetables.

Cantonese is also the language of Hong Kong and many of the films that come out of this region are loved by people all over the world. Learning Cantonese can help people understand these films and get the most out of them. In addition, Cantonese can be useful for international travel and for reading menus at restaurants when the spoken language isn’t enough. It’s a great way to keep the culture of this unique place alive.


In addition to adding flavor and texture, desserts can also help to balance a meal. They can also be a creative expression of the chef’s personality and style. For instance, plating a dish with natural materials like wood and slate adds a rustic, back-to-nature feel. Conversely, using metallics and other sleek materials creates a modern, futuristic look. Another creative technique is bathing a dessert component in sauce, which can be visually striking and enhance the taste of the dish.

Julio’s service skills are a perfect fit for J Zhou Oriental Cuisine, which emphasizes high-quality food and attention to detail. His professionalism and empathy contribute to a memorable dining experience for guests. His knowledge of the menu and preparation methods helps him to guide guests through their culinary journey, while his adaptability allows him to cater to different guest needs. He also understands when to approach the table and strike a balance between being available and intrusive.

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